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 Forum Successors Overview

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PostSubject: Forum Successors Overview   Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:31 am

Forum Successors.
Forum Successors is a new monthly Online Magazine of Forumotion Free Forums Hosting. Forum Successors Online Magazine was designed created to better help improve others forums,websites,blogs and social networks. Each monthly issue will cover a wide range of Topics and Categorizes to help maximize and give your site its full potential for the NEED TO SUCCEES! Forums Successors Online Magazine is not only a Online Magazine to better help improve sites,but a social magazine as well.Forum Successors will cover and stay updated with many different things such as. The latest computer and electronic technologies, as well as providing everyday social events along with news of interest for all people and communities of which Forums Successors was created for.

Promotions and How It works

How Forums successors works and what can it do for my site? Each month forums Successors will run a number of articles relevant to all it's categories and topics submitted in a given months issue.There will be a number of topics,and subjects posted anyone can choose from to write an article to submit and be published in Forums Successors Online Magazine.All articles should be at least Five to Six paragraphs long covering as much details and aspects as possible to which the article topic is written for.For example.If someone wanted to write up an article about a new cell phone?They would want to describe all features good or bad,retail price,and how they may like it.Example two.Lets say someone wanted to write about and share a topic on adding cool options or features to ones site using scripts or coding.Then they would explain about what tricks and coding the are submitting along with brief details and instructions on how to imply to your site and provide the coding as well.These are just two brief examples,there will be a large variety list provided for people to choose from and submit their articles to be published.All submitted articles can and should have any additional images,videos or links relevant to the article and it's subject.Although there will be a good size list to choose from, we may have a lot of people writing and submitting content for the same categorizes and or topics.In this case,During an upcoming magazine monthly issue,When a certain section is filled with approved articles submitted from others,it will then be removed from the list of what is available to write about..However this dose not mean that you can not write about another topic still available in the remaining list for possible publication.Also keep in mind the list for each month will pretty much remain the same,so if you are one that was unable to write on a specific topic or categorize for one month,You can still have a chance for publications in a upcoming months issue.Forums Successors may also add more categorizes and topics to write about as well.Forums Successors will try cover as much materials as possible to provide something for everyone.In return we will also try to help the authors of published articles to promote their sites,forums or network. Not everyones article may make a the cut for any given month.Forum Successors wants to try to submit and publish all article others are producing and submitting,but there will have to be a cut off point along with all articles being proof read and approved for Forums Successors publications.In addition to all articles that are approved and published in Forums Successors.Forum Successors will also state who has write the article,promotional link leading to a site,forum,social network or email of their choice.The author of the article will also be provided with a link leading to Forums Successors blog for other to comment on and will remain there always for as long as Forums Successors is up and running.The blog would contain the name of the article as the title,The author of whom it has been written from along with the whole article presented as it was in Forums Successors Online Magazine.

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For those of you that are here by clicking the comment box on the article page, you can simply just click your close box. if you are not here from the article page then you can click the link above.

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Forum Successors Overview
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