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Forum Successors.
Forum Successors is a new monthly Online Magazine of Forumotion Free Forums Hosting. Forum Successors Online Magazine was designed and created to better help improve others Forums,Websites,Blogs and Social Networks. Each monthly issue will cover a wide range of Topics and Categorizes to help maximize your sites potential and give you the NEED TO SUCCEED! Forums Successors Online Magazine is not only a Online Magazine to better help improve sites,but a social magazine as well.Forum Successors will cover and stay updated with many different materials. Such as. The latest computer and electronic technologies, as well as providing everyday social events along with news of interest for all peoples web communities of which Forums Successors was created for.
Promotions & Articles, How It works
How Forums successors works and what can it do for my site? Each month forums Successors will run a number of articles relevant to all it's categories and topics submitted in a given months issue.There will be a number of topics and subjects posted anyone can choose from to write and submit an article to be published in months issue of Forums Successors Online Magazine.All articles should be at least Four to Six paragraphs long covering as many details and aspects in relation to which the article topic is written for.For example.If someone wanted to write up an article about a new cell phone?They would want to describe all features good or bad,retail price,and how they may like it.Example two.Lets say someone wanted to write about and share a topic on adding cool options or features to someones site using scripts or coding.Then they would explain about what tricks and coding they are submitting along with brief details and instructions on how to imply to your site.These are just two brief examples,there will be a large variety list provided for people to choose from and submit their articles to be published.All submitted articles can and should have any additional images,videos or links relevant to the article and it's subject.Although there will be a good size list to choose from,we may have a lot of people writing and submitting content for the same categorizes or topics? In this case,During an upcoming monthly magazine issue. When a certain section is filled with approved articles submitted from others,it will then be removed from the list of what is available to write about..However this dose not mean that you can not write about other topics still available in the remaining list for possible publication.Also keep in mind the list for each month will pretty much remain the same,so if you are one that was unable to write on a specific topic for one month,You can still have a chance for publications in a upcoming months issue.Forums Successors will also be adding more categorizes and topics to write about as we go along,grow, and expand. Forums Successors will try cover as much materials as possible to provide something for everyone.In return we will also try to help the authors of published articles to promote their sites,forums or network. On that note. ALL ARTICLES SUBMITTED MUST BE ORIGINAL CONTENT.Forums Successors will not allow,run nor publish any content that may have been taken from another source,such as other online magazines,news corporations,Commercial business or any other unauthorized content of sites or companies which may own the rights. (All articular must be of your own original origin and content!)Also keep in mind Not every article may make the cut for a given month issue.Forums Successors wants to try to submit and publish all article others are producing and submitting,but there will have to be a cut off point along with all articles being proof read and approved for Forums Successors publications.In addition to all articles that are approved and published in Forums Successors.Forum Successors will also state the author of the article, a promotional link leading to the authors Website,Forum,Blog,Social Network or Email address of their choice.The author of the article will also be provided with a link leading to Forums Successors blog for others to comment on and will remain there always for as long as Forums Successors is up and running.The blog would contain the name of the article as the title,The author of whom it has been written from, along with the whole article presented as close as possible to how it was presented on Successors Online Magazine.

Here is a example of what the bottom of a Authors article will look like. Forums successors is also working on adding a facebook comment box to be added so all can be shared on yours and your friends facebook pages.
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Cover Page Description
The above cover is a brief description of how Forums Successors Online Magazine will appear on it's home page.Each month will have a different cover and consist of several tabloids to be displayed on each cover.Each tabloid title will also be click-able and go to the articles pages of which they are titled.On Forums Successors Cover page will also be an index of all other sections and categories for all magazines content.In Addition there will also be either side bar menus or drop down menus that will have a Full Table Of Contents that will direct you to all individual pages and articles submitted in its annual months issue.Forums Succors pages will also have a standard navigation along with back tags to better help navigate through the site and all of it's content.
Small List Of Article Topics To Be Submitted
Here are some topics you can choose from to write an article and submit to to Forums Successors Magazine for publication upon it's approval.
Keep in mind you do not have to have or own your own website to submit an article.Anyone can submit an article for any of the topics that are provided in the list.If you do not have a link of a site to promote at the end of your article,you can always add an email link,your Facebook,Myspace, Twitter page Etc.....Or if you like you do not need a link at all and can just use the Provided blog for your article to keep updated and see any replies by others that may comment on your article.

Some topics you could write about.

Computers,Electronic devices,Tech Support,Scripts and coding,Software,Social events,Entertainment,Health,fitness,medical awareness,Arts and literature,Fashion,Business and Marketing,Sports,Things you have to be sold on E-Bay,School and Education,Video Games and Gamers,Graphic Designing and much more.

These are just some of things you will be able to write about and submit.Forums Successors will add and build more as the magazine processes and has a general idea of what it's readers like best.In addition Forums Successors will be exploring and discussing ways to give selected people the opportunity to become part of Forums Successors Staff as a columnist and run their Own sections of the magazine.This opportunity is still on the drawing board and creation process,but is something Forums Successors would very much like to offer and consider for those that may submit a lot and would like to be part of the magazine on a regular monthly basis.

Forumotion promotions

Featured Sites
Each month Forums Successors will feature various Websites and communities in a variety of categories.Most sites will be randomly searched and the Owners/Administration of selected sites will be asked if they would like to be featured in a monthly issue of Forums Successors Online Magazine. For featured sites we will try to have a whole page or more about the site,all it offers, as well as other categorizes and content the site consist of. Each month there will be at least Two to Four featured sites.Technical sites relevant to Forums Successors purpose of creation,social sites or a combination of both. Forums Successors will also be providing a link where others can submit site links and contact information to possibly be featured.However any sites that may be sharing files illegally with copyrighted materials,Violate any Forumotion TOS,or contain Pornographic or inappropriate materials will not be permitted. Any site links submitted must consist of content appropriate for persons of 13 years of age.Basically on a (PG-13) level. If you have a site with materials and content that would be inappropriate for a 13 year old, then any sites such as this would not be eligible for being featured in Forums Successors nor would it be eligible for any article submissions.Please be sure to read all TOS,directions,outlines layout descriptions and guidelines before an article or site links submissions

Forumotion Featured Forums
Featured Forums for Forumotiom Forums will work a little bit different.On the English Speaking Forumotion Support forum is a section and group called Forum Reviewers.Here is a description and outline on how it worksSo a lot of the Forumotion Featured Forums will be chosen by the forum reviewers and published with their review and any articles from the forums Owners/Administration would like to submit and be published as well.In addition.Forums Successors staff will also hand pick a couple Forumotion forums each month to be featured as well .Please Remember,Just because your forum may not be featured in a months issue of Forums Successors.You can still submit articles to be published in available sections and have the opportunity to promote your forum in the articles ending,link and blog all authors automatically receive.

Video Games And Gamers
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Computers,Electronic devices,Tech Support,Scripts and coding,Software,Social events,Entertainment,Health,fitness,medical awareness,Arts and literature,Fashion,Business and Marketing,Sports,Things you have to be sold on E-Bay,School and Education,Video Games and Gamers,Graphic Designing and much more.

FS Music Selection

FS Music Selection

Covering PHPBB
Each month Forum Successors will have articles and other materials for those that may have PHPBB communicates free or paid.We are hoping to to feature as many popular PHPBB Forums,Tips and tricks to help give more incite on organizing and perfecting PHPBB Sites and communities. If you are one that has a PHPBB Bord and would like to help promote it.Be sure to send in an article for any of the open topics availability for its posbil publication in a Forums Successors monthly issue. MUCH MORE TO COME SOON.
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It is very understandable that in this day and age not everyone can afford to pay for forum hosting.When it comes to Forumotions Free Forum Hosting, they are by far the TOP! #1 Free Forum Host in the world offering many options that can otherwise be premium features on other Paid Forum Hosting.Forumotion has Four different versions to choose from,Phpbb2 punbb,phpbb3 and Invision. Each versions has some slightly different features such as phpbb2 and punbb versions have the ability to do full template editing to where phpbb3 and Invisson are set up and designed more to customize with css.These are just a few brief descriptions of the different versions are and can do.Forumotion gives you the choice to choose what you like.Forumotion forums also give you the options to choose different themes and skins from and all forums can be customized for it's appearances along with adding custom coding to html pages along with many other designated areas of your forum.Since Forums Successors is the one and only Official Online Magazine of FORUMOTION.Then you can bet that there will be plenty of materials presented each month for all members and owners of Forumotion Forums.

A list of Official Forumotion Support Forums. (Arabic) (French) (English) (Czech) (German) (Spanish) (Italian) (Russian) (Portuguese) (Romanian) (Chinese) (Turkish)
You can find me on the English Support forum :) James T Kirk. Forumotion support Modersator (English)
V-BULLETIN!!! Well when it comes to forums and people who create,run and own them everyone will have their own personal preference of what they like the best. For V-BULLETIN And PAID PHPBB forums this is defiantly something of what you prefer. Both are great outstanding forums to have paid versions and both offer a lot and have many things similar as far as uploading modules etc.... But of course both have many different options and features as well. What ever the case and preferences someone may have from a free forum host, or paid forum hosting, V-bulletin is very known and popular with many communities. Since Forums Succors Online Magazine was created and designed for ways to improve forums,websites and social networks. V-bulletin is and will be a great host to also share materials on how to improve communities of those who have V-bulletin.
Do have or know someone with a V-BULLETIN Forum and would like to share an article,tips or tricks on ways to improve V-Bulltin sites? If so be sure to submit your article in the appropriate articles section to be proof read and approved for publication in an upcoming issue of Forums Successors Magazine. A Technicality Online Magazine Of Forumotion Remember Folks.. You do not necessarily need to have a Form,Website or Network to have an article published,there will be many different topics and categories you can write about then submit.So be sure to stay tuned on all officials information on how to submit your article to Forums Successors in the upcoming days.Forums Successors Magazine are working hard to get the ball rolling and all information posted ASAP.

These are just some of the host people will be able to share and discuss ways of improving there site.Forums Successors will also have articles for ways of Developing and improving websites,blogs and Social Networks.

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